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Take A Time To Write Targeted Resume (CV) For Norwegian Job Market

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

Your Resume or CV (Curriculum vitae) is your professional experience and education background biography. Together with your Cover Letter is one of the key documents to be invited for a job interview.

If one has a EURES Resume template (Europass) one can use it for writing a Resume (CV) but in the Norwegian Job market the template is a little bit different as we have explained in this article.

Resume(CV) Preparation Steps

We want to have a targeted Resume and not just a Resume. Even before thinking of writing a targeted Resume, we should follow these steps as preparation:


You can have a default resume (CV) since each targeted resume will be at least 80% the same. Only a few key elements such as Key Qualifications you will customize and target towards the position and employer.

What Are Key Elements Of A Resume (CV)

Resume (CV) structure can contain the following key elements:

Resume (CV) Key Elements

Resume CV Structure

1. Personal Data

Personal Data element consists of the following data:

2. Key Qualifications

In the Key Qualification element, you want to summarize your education, working experience, and personality that makes you the right candidate for that exact position.

This is one of the key areas where you will customize your Resume to make it targeted.

If you are switching to another career here is the right place to explain your motivation for doing that.

3. Professional Experience

You should list your professional experience in chronological order and it should include the following data:

Make sure to list duties and responsibilities that match position requirements from the Job Vacancy to make your Resume targeted.

4. Education

Here you will list your education only at the highest level. Sometimes can be relevant to list the major subjects and results.

Be prepared to put the education section in front of the professional experience section if it is more relevant for the position, again to make your resume targeted.

5. Course

Courses and education that don’t give you student points.

6. Certificates And Achievements

List the certificates that you possess such as driving license, forklift, welding, IT certificates, etc.

If you have won medals in some competitions or have significant results in sports, science awards, etc. You can list them here as well.

All the certificates relevant to the position should be mentioned in the key elements section. As result, they are immediately visible and grab the attention of resume readers. Again, this makes your resume targeted.

7. Software Skills

Which software you are mastering regarding, office suite, accounting, photo, video editing, programming languages, etc.

8. Memberships

Volunteer and paid memberships. Membership to different organizations, trainer of the local club, your child class parents representative, trade union membership, etc

9. Language skills

Differentiate writing and speaking language skills.

Use the Europass self-assessment language skills standard to label your language skills (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

If you have passed the Norwegian language test (Norsk prøve) you can write that here.

In some cases, language is an important requirement for the position so make sure it is mentioned in the key elements section as well.

10. Hobbies/Interests

Here you will write about the things you like to do out of the job.

11. Reference List

Usually, you will write due to private reasons.

References Available Upon Request

or in Norwegian

Oppgis på forespørsel

Resume Writing Tips

Here are the most important tips to take into consideration when writing your resume:

Targeted Resume Writing Tips

Pick up essential data from your default Resume and customize it targeting the exact position you are applying for.

Resume Checklist

When you read your Resume you want to get some conclusions. The same thing applies when you give someone to read your Resume and you expect feedback.


We have created both English and Norwegian Resume (CV) Template Word document that you can download and use. Just write your own data and you are good to go.

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Useful Vocabulary

Here are some useful words in Norwegian used in this text.

2Targeted CVSpisse CV
3Personal DataPersonalia
4Key qualificationNokkelkvalifikasjoner
5Professional ExperienceYrkeserfaring
9Software skillsData
11Language skillSpråk

Good To Know

If you write your Resume to be targeted you will avoid the situation to have a resume that looks like a copied template. You should make an impression that your resume is towards Job Vacancy, position, and describe you as exact candidate for the job.

Next Step

Now is the time to gather all our documents and apply for the position but do not forget to follow up on your application and that is exactly our next step.

Good Luck with your Job Search!

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