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Build Your Professional Brand And Be Visible In Norway

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

We live in the digital world and digital presence is growing every year tremendously. It can be smart to use this as your comparative advantage and use digital technologies to professionally brand yourself and present to others including future employers, network contacts, or anyone who can help you find a job or grow your career.

It is very important to remember that the first impression potential employers perceive about us is when they look at our resume or our application or view our online profiles. Just remember, our physical presence doesn’t make the first impression to the potential employer, most likely that is a digital one. When we state digital we think of a Cover Letter, Resume (CV), phone call, etc.

Check Your Online Presence

Search your name on the internet and see what shows up.

Click through to each of the results and see what is the content.

You want to project something professional that will match your personality and presence at work.

If you do not have any results then you need to work on promoting your name.

Promote Your Name

Your personal branding goal is to increase the personal presence not just on the internet but in the search engines so your name shows on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If you are on top of the list so anyone who searches the internet including the prospective employer will see that.

Use your name as a URL whenever possible, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog profile, Website About page, YouTube channel, etc.

Write the same bio or summary on all of your profiles.

Professional Branding Tools


Create a profile on LinkedIn and take your time to write your summary, try to have a URL with your name, be active ask and answer questions to increase your visibility.
LinkedIn Logo

Build a website

Consider building a website to brand yourself and reflect your professional presence. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace are just some of the technologies to use and not that difficult to learn and use. Make sure that you have a professional “About Me” page.

Write a Blog

Use a blogging publishing service (Blogger is a free option) to easily design and write a blog focused on your field of expertise so you can increase your professional branding.

Create YouTube Channel

Video is a great presentation platform for your professional skills and personality. It is free, easy, and quick to create your own YouTube channel. Create a short video where you will present yourself with your competencies and skills.

You do not need to make the video public and you can keep it private and send the link when applying for the positions.

Get Your Name Connected

Use the above-mentioned platforms (LinkedIn, website, blog, YouTube) to connect, collaborate, or interview influential and important people in your field.

Create a Presence

Be active on the forums or specialized websites in your field of expertise (Reddit, Quora just to name a few ), write guest posts on other people’s blogs, go to events, conventions, industry meetings.


If you are not financially pressured volunteering in the field of expertise is an option. This will give you valuable experience and gain exposure as an expert.

Register Your Resume (CV) With Recruitment Agencies

By registering your resume you are showing up that you are active on the job market. This will be noticed by the recruitment agencies. If you have covered your professional branding as listed above that might pick up some interest by agents.

Read our article How To Use Recruitment Agencies In Norway where you will get instructions on what you can do. In addition, our article Find The Best Job Listings In Norway lists some of the recruitment agencies operating in the Norwegian Job market.

Up-To-Date Your Brand

Do not forget to up-to-date your branding profiles and platforms, keep in touch with your contacts, build and maintain the network.

Next Step

Personal branding is a good opportunity to increase your network community so please read the article Connect With Your Contacts – Networking Is Important In Norway.

Good Luck with your Job Search!

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