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When To Call Job Vacancy Contact Person In Norway

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

A phone call to the contact person in Job Vacancy is your chance to make the first impression about you as a potential candidate, so it is essential to make it right. In this post, we will discuss what you want to achieve with a phone call, how to prepare and structure the conversation, how to use pieces of information received from the contact person, what questions you might ask, and many more useful tips.

Your first phone call should be when you are in the process of Job Vacancy Analysis and you have some questions about the position, company, or advertisement itself. Make sure to make the first phone call to the Job Vacancy contact person before applying for a position and we discuss the reasons in this article later.

What Do You Want To Achieve With Phone Call To Job Vacancy Contact Person

Here is the list of reasons for a phone call to the contact person in the Job Vacancy advertisement:

If the Job Vacancy contact person is from a recruitment agency be aware that sometimes that contact person is just to pick up the phone and write down your questions if you have them and cannot give more detailed information about the position or employer out of the content that is already in the advertisement.

In that case, try to be put through to someone who can help you more if possible but be very polite while asking.

If you are fortunate a contact person can recommend you further for some internal position in the company that is not publicly available in case you are overqualified for the position you are calling now.

How To Prepare For Phone Call To Job Vacancy Contact Person

You have already done most of your preparation for the phone call and the only thing left is to execute it. Just as a reminder, we will mention all the important articles that explain the preparation done so far.

In our previous posts, we have explained how to prepare a short self-marketing presentation called Elevator Pitch that will be the most important part of the phone call. So please read the article How To Make Perfect Elevator Pitch When Applying For Job In Norway.

We have also explained how to analyze Job Vacancies and find potential questions for the contact person when we make a phone conversation. So please read the article How To Analyze Job Vacancy In Norway.

If you want to improve your presentation skills please read How To Improve Presentation Skills For Norwegian Job Market.

Phone Call Preparation

Elevator Pitch structure infographics
Job Vacancy Analysis Infographics

How To Structure Phone Conversation

Job phone call structure infographics

Conversation Structure

Phone Call Example

Hei det er <Navn> som ringer. Jeg vil gjerne søke på stilling som <stilling> hos dere. Jeg har et par korte spørsmål, har dere tre minutter?

Tusen takk for samtalen, jeg håper at vi sees på intervjue. Ha en fin dag.


Try to put yourself in the shoes of the contact person. Be aware that sometimes the moment you call cannot be the right moment for the contact person due to the current stress situation at work or something else.

Be sure that at the moment of your call the contact person doesn’t think about the hiring process but rather about daily duties or even personal issues. Basically, your call might be an interruption for the contact person so be aware of that. In some cases, the best option is to call later.

How To Use Pieces Of Information From Phone Call

When you finish your phone call and get the answers to your questions complete your Job Vacancy Analysis Form with the following data:

Use Information From Phone Call

Cover Letter Structure

Resume CV Structure

Suggested Questions

Here are some suggested questions that you can ask a Job Vacancy contact person:

  • I can see many duties and responsibilities in the Job Vacancy for the position. Which ones are the most important?
  • What do you think would be the biggest challenge in this position?
  • What kind of person are you looking for to hire for this position?
  • Could you describe the working culture in the company?

The best approach to gather good questions is to do a Job Vacancy Analysis as we have already explained in our post and when you do it all the missing or not clear information in Job Vacancy will be potential questions.

Job Vacancy Analysis Infographics

Good To Know

I have personally experienced on one occasion that the contact person has evaluated me as an overqualified candidate for the position but did not want to just reject me and instead introduced me to another manager for the internal position within the company that was not publicly available yet. So you never know what one phone call can lead up to.

Next Step

Now you have done Job Vacancy additional research using a phone call to a contact person. You are on a good track to know what the business needs are and what the right candidate should possess so you can focus on the next steps tailor and write a targeted Cover Letter and Resume (CV) for the position.

Do not forget to go back and fill out the gathered information in Job Vacancy Analysis Form.

In addition, a job search is a project and every project needs management. Use our Job Application Log to manage your job applications and have an overview of their statuses.

Good Luck with your Job Search!

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