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Map Your Values And Attitudes For Job Search In Norway

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

Personal values are important for you and they are part of self-analysis. Your values make a foundation for who you are and which choices you make. They control what you are drawn to, how you do things, what you do or not do, and thus what motivates you.

The goals you set up and want to achieve are very often the result of your values. When you feel that your values are fulfilled and met you experience satisfaction and harmony.

Values, Attitudes, and Motivation are very often reasons for the choices you have made and the competencies you have obtained.

Value comes from the Latin word valer which means have significance for.

Job values and attitudes

Personal Values: How They Affect Job Choices

Your personal values, what is important for you affect your priorities in life. Your values describe what motivate you as a person both in life and related to work.

First, you set up values, and then you can set up your goals based on the values you appreciate.

Examples of values:

7Sense of responsibilityAnsvarsfølelse

When you speak about job values you are thinking about the values that make you motivated, engaged, satisfied, and boost your energy to do a good job.

When you think about values you basically want to answer these two questions:


Attitude is a manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc. towards a person or a thing.

People like to work with likable people and not people “with attitudes”.

Values Cornerstone Mapping Template

We have created a Word document that you can use to write down all your professional values. In addition, you can write down all the other cornerstones as well in the same document so you can have an overview of all of them in one place.

Get our FREE Competencies Cornerstones Mapping Template Word Document.

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Job Values And Job Application Process

Maybe you are asking yourself ok it is important to be aware of personal and professional values but how and when I will use those in the job application process. Here we will mention a few:

When you find the Job Vacancy worth spending time to apply for the position you will do a Job Vacancy Analysis. One of the tasks, when you do Job Vacancy analysis, is to read and look for the Employer’s Offer. When you find the offers your next task is to match these with your values and ask yourself whether these offers aligned with your values. You can do further research and check the company’s website for vision and mission statements and what they are standing for.

With a little bit more life and working experience, you will be able to read between the lines in the Job Vacancies or to do thorough research about the company. For example, imagine that company has one Job Vacancy but for the 10 positions at the same time. Why they need so many new employees. Is it because of new projects? Is it because of business expansion and new demands? Or is it a lack of employees due to last year’s extensive layoffs?

As you can see on the infographic below Job Vacancy Analysis and Competencies Cornerstones Mapping (that we will write next) go hand in hand since we are matching valuable data from both processes. As we have already mentioned for value cornerstone we area matching with offers. As we discuss other cornerstones (Formal and Real competencies, Motivation, Strengths & Social Skills) we will see which data they are matching with.

Job Vacancy Analysis infographics

How Professional Values Fit With Competencies Cornerstones Mapping

Competencies Cornerstones is a professional and personal mapping of your competencies (both formal and real), motivation, values (this cornerstone), personal characteristics (attributes) that will turn into strengths and social skills. You can do the mapping separately and then use the results in your job application process or you can combine the mapping with Job Vacancy Analysis (which we recommend) and do a certain matching between the two.

First, you will map your professional values and what you are standing for, and then you will match those with the employer’s offer in the Job Vacancy of the position you want to apply for.

We have written the article Learn To Use Competencies Cornerstones For Job Search In Norway which explains the mapping in more detail regarding other cornerstones and not just values.

Competencies Cornerstones Infographics


Job Interview And Professional Values

When you are interviewed very often you can expect that one of the questions is to say your values so better be prepared to have them upfront and there is no reason not to have them if you have read this article and if you did the values mapping.

Even if you are not asked you can incorporate them when you talk about your motivation applying for the position since they go hand in hand.

Job Interview Phases In Norway

Useful Vocabulary

Here are some useful words in Norwegian used in this text.

3Job valuesJobbverdier

Next Step

You are almost done and last but not least you want to continue to assess the next Competencies Cornerstones and those are Strengths and Social Skills.

Find Job In Norway By Following These Easy 19 Steps

Don’t forget that this article is part of a text serious about finding a job in Norway. Depending on the phase you are in at the moment maybe you can find some articles useful for yourself. So please check them out.

Below you can see the infographic with an overview of all the texts in the series. If you click on the link above you will be sent to the page where all these steps are listed.

Find Job in Norway in easy 19 steps

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Author: Dejan Mladenovic

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