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SMART TO GOals For Job Search In Norwegian Job Market

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

Looking for a job is a process that is more like a project. Every project needs management towards goals. The ultimate goal is to find a job and preferably a dream job. However, on the journey to achieve the ultimate goal there are many small goals that need to be achieved. In this article, we will discuss these smaller goals.

SMART TO or S.M.A.R.T. TO. comes from (as you can see on the infographic below):

SMART TO you Goals in Job Search

SMART TO GOal – Specific

Be specific when setting goals for your job search. Just by saying “I want to get a job.” is too broad and unclear since demands too many additional questions such as what type of job, in which industry, how well paid, etc.

To say: “I want to work for company XY.” is a better goal but it is not specific enough. Instead, if you say “I want to work as <position> for company XY.” is more specific and it is a lot easier to focus on finding the right advertisements, check if your skills and experience are good matches for the position.

It is not necessary to narrow down just to one position it is good to be flexible and have a range of positions that can fit your skillset but be realistic with list creation and do not overdo it.

If you for example want to change the career it is not enough to say “I want to change career”

Saying “I want to work in Norway” makes specific only the job market (Norway) but if you say “This week I will research the Norwegian Job market and  assess job opportunities that match my experience, strengths, skills, values, etc.

SMART TO GOal – Measurable

The goal has to be measurable and just saying “I will send some applications” is not measurable but if you say “I will send 10 applications this week” or “I will make 5 phone calls to job vacancy contact persons that I consider applying for” is something that is specific and very measurable.

At the end of the week, you just count how many tasks you have accomplished and compare them with the goal set at the beginning of the week.

To avoid oversizing your measures be prepared to set partial measured goals that you can easily and fast check so you can see that you are on right track. Divide your monthly or weekly goal measures into daily measures. So at the end of each day, you will see if you have underperformed or overperformed.

SMART TO GOal – Achievable

A goal must be achievable and attainable. Ask yourself if anyone else has achieved the same goal. We hope that you will find this website resourceful and helpful since we have achieved the goal you are setting up for yourself. This will help you to find the way how to accomplish the goal and work towards it.

Another thing to check is if you have the resources and capabilities to achieve the goal. If you do not have them then list what you are missing and work towards fulfilling them.

SMART TO GOal – Realistic

You want to find your dream job and that is perfectly fine but is it realistic. If you are not realistic in your job search that can lead to disappointment so it needs to be adjusted.

The best approach is to have plan A, plan B, and even plan C. Maybe you can not get your dream job right away so you might take some other position but which can lead you to your dream job after a specific time period that you can set for yourself.

If you can’t find a job in Oslo maybe try looking for jobs in some less densely populated areas of Norway where is a lot less competition and work your way to relocate afterward. Many municipalities in Norway are struggling to attract people to live and work there and in many cases have special programs to attract families and skillful workers to apply for jobs there.

SMART TO GOal – Time Framed

Time is a luxury that is unstoppable and it is up to you to use it in the best possible way. For the spent time to be of quality time kind, you must set deadlines for your goals. Goals without deadlines do not give you a sense of urgency, so you can’t measure progression or set a serious plan structure.

It is important, to be honest, and very objective with setting deadlines, even make rewards for achieving the deadlines or actions and measures that will be taken on if the deadline is not met.

SMART TO GOal – Take Ownership

It is important to set the goals with I-relationship (Take ownership) so you and only you can take a responsibility for achieving the goals.

It is better to say “I will get a job as <position> in the industry XY or company XY within two months.” rather than “To get a job as <position>  in the industry XY within two months”.

Action Plan Week By Week

To have an overview of your goals for the week it would be useful to use Google calendar. In addition, set the task as a reminder to assess the week and how you are progressing toward your goals.

Just answering these simple questions can help a lot:

We have already written about having a Job Application Log that can be used to manage job applications already sent or to be sent and to check their statuses.

Job Application Log In Norway

Useful Vocabulary

Here are some useful words in Norwegian used in this text.

5Time FramedTidsbestemt
6Take OwnershipEierskap
7Action PlanHandlingsplan

Good Luck with your Job Search!

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