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How To Keep Your Job Search Focused In Norway

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

Job Search websites database has thousands and thousands of jobs so your next step is to narrow down that list using different search criteria so you can filter out all the jobs not interesting for you and focus on only those opportunities that fit your job wishes.

In this article, we will use the Finn Job portal as our example but other portals provide similar services.

In our previous step, we have created a list of the best job search and recruitment agencies websites so please use that as your starting point where you will create your profile, save your Cover Letter and CV. Many of these websites provide what is called Job Agents or alerts which we will cover here.

Now you can log on to our FINN profile and start searching and filtering until you find the list of jobs that meet your criteria so you can further focus only on that list and see which jobs are interesting for you.

First, let’s go to the FINN website

Click on the Jobb icon.

Job Icon on Finn website

Here you have three options to choose from:

Job keyword search field

You will pick All the positions (Alle Stillinger) options and get to the list of all available positions. On the day when this article has been written, there were 24 884 positions and 11 390 job advertisements as you can see on the top right corner.

List of Job Vacancies in Norway

Finally, you can start with filtering out and narrowing down your search.

On the left-hand side of the webpage, you can see many search criteria to filter your results. So let’s first list them out and go one by one until you get the final result.

Here are the possible filters:

Now let’s go one by and see how they will help you to get the best results.

Published (Publisert) criterion

If you check the New today (Nye i dag) box you will get all the new and fresh today’s job advertisements.  This search criteria combined with some other criteria such as keyword or area is quite useful if you are on day to day basis for job hunting.

New jobs today in Norway

Notice that as soon as you pick some filter criteria you are getting that listed as blue rounded rectangular with x button to click if you want to delete that search criterion.

Keyword (Søk i Jobb) criterion

This is probably the most significant search option since can give you exactly the Job advertisements with your key qualifications or interests and on top of that will narrow your search tremendously from the huge list of an initial number of positions.

Use this filter smart and based on your needs and wishes to get the best possible results.

So let me show you with my personal example how quickly you are getting focused results from thousand of advertisements to just a more manageable number and you have not even combined that with some other search options.

I am specialized in Agresso ERP system so if I type as keyword Agresso:

Use keyword to narrow job search in Norway

If I want to get a little bit broader result I can combine two words with OR logical operation. For example, ERP OR Agresso will give me all the advertisements that contain both words ERP or Agresso so the result has a lot more positions and advertisements. This is very useful if you see that the first search criteria give you not enough results so you can come back and make a little adjustment that might include some advertisements that might be filtered out otherwise.

Search jobs with OR criteria

On contrary, if you want to further narrow down your results you can apply AND logical operation. For example, you want all the advertisements that contain both ERP AND Agresso you can just type both words and it will use AND logical operation by default.

Job search with AND logical criteria

As you can see on the top right corner (stillinger) you have had around ten times more results if using OR logical operation combined with two keywords (41 positions vs 426 positions) and you have had roughly four times fewer results if using AND logical operation with two keywords combined (41 positions vs 10 positions).

Region (Område) criterion

Region criterion is self-explanatory and you can pick between predominantly jobs in Norway or a few jobs abroad (Utlandet).

Within jobs in Norway, you have several regions, and as you can see most of the jobs are in Oslo or around Oslo in the Viken region.

For the first job in Norway and especially if you are searching for jobs in Norway from abroad probably the best option is to look for all the jobs in Norway without applying any filter in region criteria.

On the other hand, sometimes region criteria can be of the most significant but I leave this to each and every one of you to evaluate depending on your wishes and needs.

Combining region criteria with for example keywords criteria will give you really focused results so you can get the best opportunities and you can continue the job search process without wasting time on non-interesting job advertisements.

Region criterion for Job search in Norway

Position (Stilling) criterion

Job positions criterion listing

Position criterion initially shows only the positions with the most advertisements (Health care, IT, Engineering, etc.) but if you click the Show All (Vis alle) link you will see positions such as hairdresser, journalist, trainer, etc. If someone has really clearly defined position this criterion is the most useful and no need to apply any other of the criteria.

Industry (Bransje) criterion

Industry criterion is broader and it is useful for more general searches. It can be used more for research what is in demand in a certain industry rather than a filter to narrow your result.

Industry criterion in Norwegian job search

Form of employment (Ansettelsesform) criterion

Form of employment job search criterion

If you are looking for a permanent type of job then check option Fast. Other forms of employment are:

  • Recruitment agency (Bemanningsbyrå)
  • Engagement (Engasjement)
  • Apprentice (Lærling)
  • Project (Prosjekt)
  • Self-employed (Selvstendig næringsdrivende)
  • Summer Jobs or Season Jobs (Sommer/Sesong)
  • Training (Trainee)
  • Substitute (Vikariat)

Sector (Sektor) criterion

Sector search option gives the option to pick from the following sectors:

  • Self-employed (Selvstendig næringsdrivende)
  • Public (Offentlig)
  • Organization (Organisasjon)
  • Private (Privat)
  • Cooperate (Samvirke)
Sector job search criterion

Fulltime or part-time (Heltid/deltid) criterion

Very easy choice either pick part-time (Deltid) or full-time (Heltid) positions.

Management level (Leder category) criterion

For those with the highest ambitions there is a choice for three management levels:

Application deadline (Søknadsfrist) criterion

The application deadline search option is useful if you do not want to miss the last chance to apply.

How To Save Your Job Search Criteria

Sometimes you want to save your search settings for future use if you want to reuse them and not need to reapply them over and over again. Now when you have just learned how to use different search options you have finished with the hard part and saving the search criteria is very easy.

First, you should apply the search criteria that you want to save and in this example, I have used Agresso as a keyword, Oslo as region, Permanent and Full-time jobs. Next, you just click on the button Save Search (Lagre Søk). Of course, you need to be logged on in order to be able to use this feature.

Several keywords job search criteria

You give a name to the search settings and keep ticked the possibility to be alerted when a new job with this search criteria is published to be sent to your email account and mobile application.

Save job search criteria

If you go to your FINN profile you can find your saved search and change if needed by clicking the Change (Endre) button. To navigate you go to Min Finn -> Lagrede Søk -> Jobb section -> Find saved search criteria in the list

One of the benefits of creating the profile on the FINN website is that you have the buttons for your Saved searches (Lagrede søk) and Last searches (Siste søk) so you are just a few clicks into the focused job search and do not waste more time on it.

Useful Vocabulary

Here are some useful words in Norwegian used in this text.

1All the positionsAlle stillinger
2Management positionsLederstillinger
3Companies profilesBedriftsprofiler
4Published Publisert
5Keyword Søk i Jobb
6Region Område
7Position Stilling
8Industry Bransje
9Form of employmentAnsettelsesform
12Sector Sektor
13Management levelLeder category
14Application deadlineSøknadsfrist
15Jobs abroadUtlandet
16Save Search Lagre Søk
17Last searchesSiste søk

Good To Know

Some other Job Search websites saving the search criteria can call different such as Job Agent (Jobb Varsler in Norwegian). Basically, that is the same thing as you have just learned in this article with FINN example. Play around with these features and you will be surprised with quick results and no more waste of time.

Next Step

Your next step is to look at the actual Job Advertisements since now you have them as a result of the saved searches. Please read about that in the article How To Find Job Vacancy In Norway.

Good Luck with your Job Search!

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Author: Dejan Mladenovic

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